The work that Sandra does is a Divine Calling and those who have been blessed with her Wisdom have felt the difference in their lives. I know I have. The aspect that identifies Sandra as unique in her Gift is her authenticity. She connects with all Beings, from infants to the elderly, with the ease that can only be seen in those who are sincerely connected with the Spirit of the Divine.

Joy Truscott MSW, Life Counselor, South Africa

Your guidance is filled with wisdom, love and practicality. Sometimes we complicate things too much and your approach, filled of light and love helps me clean up the clutter.

Dr.Carmen, Las Cruces, New Mexico

The challenges Sandra led me to (and led me through!) have not been easy. But that is precisely why they have been, and continue to be, invaluable. Sandra is willing to work as hard as I am, as she pushes me outside my comfort zone, and guides me over life’s “speed bumps” and onto the next lesson. If you want to engage in life more fully, knowing that you will be expected to look more deeply within than you ever have before, developing a relationship with Sandra to delve into “spirit work” will launch you into a whole new world– one where there simply are no limits.

Rebecca B., Kansas City, Missouri

I just want to tell you that Sandra has been a blessing in my life, like an angel that can touch and offer a new way of looking at things and the future. I appreciate her support and how she shares her personal experiences to help others grow and have a different perspective of life. Thank you.

Yaritza, Miami, Florida

It was with perfect timing that Sandra became involved in my project. As a spiritual guide, her intuition is remarkable. Her experience as an author and editor was instrumental in making sense of my work. A very beautiful part of who she is has made its way into my book. I give her my gratitude.

Dan Kenner, Littleton, Colorado

I am immensely thankful for Sandra’s generosity, for her amazing gift and the way she shares it with others. Her guidance has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Every single time she has something amazingly valuable to offer:.. an insight that just seems to come miraculously in time to reveal some spiritual challenge or meet some hidden need that I had to address, She is a true blessing to have come one’s way. I really can’t thank her enough.

Esther G.M., Madrid, Spain

My completed manuscript sat in my computer for a year or two, needing a professional editor before it would be presentable to the world. But I didn’t want just any editor — I wanted one that was professional AND spiritual. When the timing was right, I learned about Sandra, with Strength of Spirit Consulting. I immediately knew that Sandra was THE one I wanted to bring life to my writing. Not only did she breathe life into my story, she gently and supportively facilitated my ongoing healing and spiritual growth with her intuitive questioning and assignments. The end result is a piece I’m very proud of and know that I absolutely could not have created without Sandra.

Mary Cardin, Tucson, Arizona

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