Do you have a book in your heart? Many do and yet so few act on their inspiration to tell their story. When you share your experience, your journey, or your process, not only can you fully heal yourself but you have the opportunity to walk the healing path with others though your story. we are all meant to learn from one another. Potential writers often hesitate because they feel they have nothing new to share. But what is new, is your perspective and your voice. There are many waiting to learn what you have to teach in a way that only you can.

Sandra provides writing guidance with a spiritual twist to help encourage and inspire. She combines her own experience with writing, revising, self-publishing and editing with her intuition and yours to support your writing journey. Book a consult. Let’s have some fun! You can download two of Sandra’s books below. Join these astral travel and past life journeys. 

Love Above and Beyond PDF Download

BACK COVER: Sandra Alexander’s latest work stands alone as an elegantly written, often steamy romance, steeped in mystery, ecstasy and sacred sexuality. Love Above and Beyond offers the reader a delicious distraction and an escape into a heavenly love affair.

As if that were not enough, Alexander weaves in her own deeply personal journey, as she travels out of her physical body in order to find the man her soul longs to love. At times she questions her own sanity. But gradually, answers come and beg to be shared. What is real? What happens when we die? How thin is the curtain between worlds? What can we learn from the astral experience that we often neglect to learn during our earthly existence?

Whether you experience Love Above and Beyond as a delicious romantic journey into love, or as a spiritual exploration, the purpose of this writing is clear—to offer us a glimpse of how love is truly meant to be—and to deliver profound, poetic messages from a man who seeks and finds meaning in his own life after death.  

From Beneath the Olive Tree: A Past Life Journey DOWNLOAD

From Beneath the Olive Tree begins with one practitioner’s own journey ,through many lifetimes as a path to physical and spiritual healing. From the sands of Israel to the mountains of Montana, Sandra’s need to rewrite the past life stories in order to achieve peace and wellness has evolved into a step-by-step Rewrite Your Stories process that can benefit all of us.

Whether your blocks were created two hours ago, two decades ago or two lifetimes ago, this  simple three-step Rewrite Your Stories process will help you break down your wall, BLOCK by BLOCK and access to your deepest desires. Perfect health, lasting love, prosperity, Divine purpose, and spiritual transformation are there, waiting behind the wall. Your life’s dream has already come true.


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