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The Sweet Creamy Stuff in the Middle: Love Above and Beyond

Read this Judge’s Commentary: Writer’s Digest 25th Annual Self-Published Book Awards 2019 about Love Above and Beyond
“Author welcomes us to the book with a highly relatable writing voice, positive energy and a touch of humor. Reader connects easily, primed as we are by the stellar opening quote about being willing to look like a fool for love. 
Author has created a terrific exploration of the title’s promise: reaching ‘the good stuff in the middle,’ beginning by pointing at our expectation that we should have it, that we deserve it. Reader is primed for self-assessment in this statement, and we engage in our own relationship to entitlement. 
The analogy is sensory, engaging and motivating. Author has a great talent for painting settings and enlivening them so that we may feel truly present. From sparkling turquoise waters to exotic plants that ‘pushed between the rocks,’ we are transported to and grounded in beauty and energy.
Author paces the relationship well, from a comforting welcome, through growing connection, to astral sex, with a deft touch for suspension of disbelief so that the lessons may sing through their encounters. 
An engaging story with spectacular conversational tone: (such as ‘I would have to get stupid, one more time.’) A nice journey, well-paced and engaging.”

BACK COVER: Sandra Alexander’s latest work stands alone as an elegantly written, often steamy romance, steeped in mystery, ecstasy and sacred sexuality. Love Above and Beyond offers the reader a delicious distraction and an escape into a heavenly love affair.

As if that were not enough, Alexander weaves in her own deeply personal journey, as she travels out of her physical body in order to find the man her soul longs to love. At times she questions her own sanity. But gradually, answers come and beg to be shared. What is real? What happens when we die? How thin is the curtain between worlds? What can we learn from the astral experience that we often neglect to learn during our earthly existence?

Whether you experience The Sweet Creamy Stuff in the Middle: Love Above and Beyond as a delicious romantic journey into love, or as a spiritual exploration, the purpose of this writing is clear—to offer us a glimpse of how love is truly meant to be—and to deliver profound, poetic messages from a man who seeks and finds meaning in his own life after death.  Read some sweet excerpts on Sandra’s blog.

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