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Sandra is a seasoned, dynamic presenter and is currently scheduling workshops for 2017 on the following subjects. Contact Sandra and her booking staff directly to customize a program to accommodate your group size and time schedule.


Love Above and Beyond: An Astral Travel Experience      

Sandra’s most recent book, The Sweet Creamy Stuff in the Middle: Love Above and Beyond is a sacred writing of messages from those who have passed from this life. We learn that we must raise our vibration in order to love the way we were meant to love during the course of our earthly existence. Learn how to raise your vibration, how to reach higher dimensions through practical steps, and the know the rules of love according to those living in higher wisdom.


Balance Your Energy Bank Account      

Reduce burnout and make life more fun. An ideal workshop for educators, caregivers, parents, practitioners, and everybody else! Learn to balance your energy just like you balance a checking account. Leave this workshop energized and with the tools to stay that way!

Based on Sandra’s book, Balance Your Energy Bank Account.

Rewrite Your Stories: A Past Life Interactive Experience   

This small group interaction integrates the understanding that there is no past or future. Is it any wonder then, that we are often blocked by fear and anxiety by what we call previous traumas, when those traumatic movies are running in parallel with our current reality.

Together, as one, we will rewrite these negative experiences and transform them into healing opportunities. These painful “memories” are not yours or mine, but ours. By coming together to rewrite our stories, we do our part in healing the collective soul.

Based on Sandra’s book, From Beneath the Olive Tree.

Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention ®    

Learn to apply the 4-step practical process that will support parents, educators and caregivers of the children we call Autistic or children who have not yet been identified. This process works on the understanding that no child is damaged or disordered and that Autistic children have been brought into this world as a gift to help us elevate our collective consciousness.

Finally connect in a more expansive way to that child you so deeply desire to reach!

Based on Sandra’s book, Children of the Cosmos.

SAI®: Group Certification

Group presentations are available to introduce participants to how the SAI™ certification can benefit each individual in a variety of service careers.

Group certification classes are also available.

Nurturing Child Spirit At Home and in the Classroom   

Learn a three step process of empowerment. Increase excellence of service to clients and build more healthy, cooperative relationships between staff. Raise the level of caring and quality in workplace.

Based on the work of Miles Horton at the Highlander Research Center.

Positive and Effective Communications in the Early Childhood Setting  

Sandra is a certified Hanen Learning Language and Loving It Specialist. Sandra uses a combination of group training and in-classroom mentoring to help early childhood educators and administrators collect tools to reduce chaos in the ECE classroom and achieve effective communication with small children, easing and removing chronic behavior concerns.