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While in the process of writing her own catalog of books in both technical and creative genre, Sandra has enjoyed sharing her skills in with her students. Some have been adults seeking to publish their own stories. in other instances, Sandra has held positions of writing faculty at the junior high through college level. Some of her most inspired work has been with high risk youth population.

Sandra’s philosophy is to bring inspiration and fun into the writing experience. Going forward in life, our ability to write coherently and express ourselves confidently is a key factor in academic progress, emotional wellness and success in any venture we choose.

“My preferred age group is from 15-20 years old. Many of our young people are graduating high school with far less than they need in writing and verbal expression skills. Many are also feeling adrift and unsettled about the present and about the future. Learning to find ones thoughts and feelings and putting them into a creative, coherent form is both practical and therapeutic.”

“I am always honored to work together with a student, bearing witness to a transformation in the process…not just in a student’s writing, but in his or her way of being. As we change the way we write, the writing changes our way of being.”

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Client Testimonials:

“My completed manuscript sat in my computer for a year or two, needing a professional editor before it would be presentable to the world. But I didn’t want just any editor — I wanted one that was professional AND spiritual. When the timing was right, I learned about Sandra Smith, with Strength of Spirit Writing. I immediately knew that Sandra was THE one I wanted to bring life to my writing. … Not only did she breathe life into my story, she gently and supportively facilitated my ongoing healing and spiritual growth with her intuitive questioning and assignments. The end result is a piece I’m very proud of and know that I absolutely could not have created without Sandra.”

– Mary Cardin, Writer, Peace, My Final Gift


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