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Why Take the Creative Temperament Test?

By Sandra Alexander, M.A., Author of the Creative Temperament Test

Are you seeking a simple way to ease physical symptoms or emotional anxiety for you, your family or in the educational setting?

Need more energy?

Would you like to calm challenging behaviors in your students?

Nurture your Creative Temperament and that of your students and see the amazing results!

We are all born with a Creative Temperament. There are nine Creative Temperaments, formulated from a combination of Ayurvedic principles and human personality types.

Especially in the classroom setting, students can lack e, focus and social emotional wellness. Often, this is because the school environment is set up to support left brain activities. When students tend toward an imaginative and artistic life, educators can greatly benefit by knowing how to better reach these students.

Once you complete the test for yourself or with your student, your results will include a summary of simple adjustments you can make in your surroundings and in the daily habits of your students that will ease physical and mental distraction, lessen anxiety, increase focus, and bring peace into classroom chaos.

Once you pay the nominal fee of $1.99, you will receive an email entitled YOUR CREATIVE TEMPERAMENT TEST which contains the TAKE THE TEST link. Have fun!

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