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  Hi. My name is Sändra Alexander. As you consider spiritual consulting, I’m sure you’d like to know a little about me, my credentials and experience. I hold a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Counseling and have supported both children and adults in achieving a greater sense of peace and wellness for over 20 years. I am a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner. My mission is a simple one…to share my unique gifts and spiritual tools so that you can more readily access your own inherent wisdom. Then, miraculous results in all areas of life can follow.

As I work together with clients, I have the merit to facilitate and then observe, as each individual explores his or her own spiritual path…the path that draws them closer and closer to light, heart and soul. Then each client goes out into their world and shares that light. The impact is like a beautiful warmth spreading across the globe!

I have the privilege to connect with beautiful people all over the world since all my sessions are delivered by phone or Skype. I do enjoy sharing through in-person group presentations from time to time.

You can reach me via email. I will respond personally within 24 hours.

Children Of The Cosmos

Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention:
The 4-Step process that is changing borderline outcomes to miraculous results.

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From Beneath The Olive Tree

My Personal Journey Through Past Lifetimes

Reveals a Rewrite Your Story Process to Remove Blocks to

Our Desired Life


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About From Beneath the Olive Tree: What Readers Are Saying:

“I know it sounds trite, but I couldn’t put it down!”
“I found myself reading more and more slowly page by page. I didn’t want the book to end.”
“I used the process. My relationship with my mother has calmed and my daughter is a different little girl because now she has a different mom.”

Whether your blocks were created two hours ago, two decades ago or two lifetimes ago, this simple three-step Rewrite Your Stories process will help you take down your wall and finally allow you access to your deepest desire; perfect health, lasting love, prosperity, Divine purpose, and spiritual transformation. Your life’s dream has already come true and is waiting for you just on the other side of your wall.

Once we know that perfect health, lasting love, prosperity, our divine purpose and the spiritual transformation that we seek is already here, just within reach, why would we wait?

Balance Your Energy Bank Account: Eliminate Burnout NOW!


  • Heal grief and loss.
  • Recover from a serious illness.
  • Be a more effective parent or educator.
  • Be more present for your children, family and friends.
  • Reduce and eliminate burnout.
  • Follow your dream!


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The Child and Family Spirit Workbook

Nurturing the Gentle Nature, Creative Spirit and Humanity in our Children

Read an excerpt from the book

Women and Wisdom Foundation Award

By Gabrielle Beard, Co-Founder

Women and Wisdom Foundation chose Sändra Alexander (Smith) of Durango Colorado as the 2005 recipient of the Gloria Karpinski Award for Spiritual Study and Renewal for her publication, The Child and Family Spirit Workbook.

The guidebook of over 150 pages contains information chapters and exercises on Balancing Energy, Challenging Behaviors, Spiritual Temperament, Mind Body Connection and Empowerment. An innovative aspect of the Guidebook is the section addressing our unique Spiritual Temperament to consider in meeting both physical and emotional needs which contribute to our inner sense of peace and creativity. A basic premise of Sändra Alexander’s is that it is important to understand both our own and our children’s Spiritual Temperament in order to achieve optimum wellness and spiritual growth. Her in depth exploration of this area contains exercises and guides to discover what a child’s needs are and how to mesh your spiritual needs with the child.

Women and Wisdom is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization “encouraging people to awaken to their inner wisdom and passionate creativity.”