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Counseling * Tutoring * Positive Business Communications * Inspirational Books * Healing

“When we lead with the heart, tap into our intuition and bring our strong creative spirit into any endeavor, amazing things happen!

The spirit in which we do our work can be far more important than the work itself. It is that positive spirit that I will bring to our work together in every instance and in every area,” 

Below are the services Sandra provides through Strength of Spirit Consulting in this uniquely powerful way:


1. Counseling and Life Coaching

2. Physical and Emotional Healing

3. Tutoring in Writing and Language Arts(Ages 14-adult)

4. Positive Communications in Promoting a Non-profit or For-Profit Vision 

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All services are provided worldwide by phone and Skype. This means you have convenient access to counseling, tutoring, communications support and healing sessions in the comfort of you own space.

Appointment times can be purchased here through our safe and secure PayPal system on this site or contact us by email with questions. Once your contact is received, Sandra will contact you to set a phone or online appointment schedule that is convenient for you.

Strength of Spirit Consulting is also known as the CFS Network. Charges on your credit card statement will show CFS Network as the vendor.


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